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We regret that we cannot provide appraisals or even "ballpark guesses" as to the value of the many items called to our attention each year. We are neither qualified nor are we permitted, as part of the Ohio History Connection, to offer appraisals. Your local library, telephone directory, or the internet should be useful resources in your search for qualified appraisers.

If you would like to know what your Lotus Ware porcelain by Knowles, Taylor and Knowles was originally named, we can usually assist you. We are unable to answer questions about the names of patterns or shapes made by any other potteries. There were thousands of patterns and shapes produced here over almost two centuries. Often many different potteries used the same decal. In addition to the books featured in our Gift Shop, your local librarian or bookseller should be able to suggest other titles relating to Hall China, Homer Laughlin, Harker, and other major potteries of this area.

We are happy to answer questions about the years of operation for East Liverpool area potteries, as well as determining the years during which a particular backstamp was used. The very best general book on this subject is "The East Liverpool, Ohio Pottery District Identification of Manufacturers and Marks", by William C. Gates and Dana E. Ormerod, which is available at a new low price in our Gift Shop. Those who do not want to own the book but prefer to do their own online research will find a visit to the Society for Historical Archaeology useful.


Groups of twenty or more adults whose visit is arranged ahead of time by a single person will qualify for entry tickets of .50 (fifty cents) off regular full price admission. The tour operator in charge of such a group will receive $1.00 off regular full price admission. OHC members will already be able to visit the museum for free, and so would not be counted as part of a group of twenty or more. Payment for a group is to be made with one payment. No additional discounts, coupons, or memberships will be honored with group prices. A cancellation of a group tour must be made no less than 3 days before the scheduled visit. Guided tours are generally available Tuesdays through Fridays anytime between 9:30 and 3:00, although Weekend tours are occasionally available upon advance request. Please call the Museum in advance to book tours (330-386-6001 or 800-600-7180).

Students of all ages, whether in groups or as invididual visitors, pay the student rate of $3.00 per person. Any adults acting as chaperones to a group of twenty or more students will also be eligible for the student rate. If so desired, a one hour guided tour is usually available during weekdays with advance notice, and at no extra charge. A typical tour begins with a viewing of the 12-minute multimedia show which provides visitors with a good introduction to the history of East Liverpool and the pottery industry. Guided tours are generally available Tuesdays through Fridays anytime between 9:30 and 3:00, although weekend tours are occasionally available upon advance request. Please call the Museum in advance to book tours (330-386-6001 or 800-600-7180).

We have no budget to purchase anything for the Museum of Ceramics collection. If you would like to donate locally made ware, old documents, or artifacts to the Museum of Ceramics, please call Sarah W. Vodrey, Museum Director, at 1-800-600-7180, to learn more about how that might work, and be assured that your generous impulses are much appreciated.

We are not permitted nor are we qualified to serve as intermediaries between interested buyers and sellers. We cannot assist you in determining pattern names. We are happy to try to provide chronological information about pottery and porcelain made in East Liverpool or the little towns in this county or tri-state area (Chester WV, Newell WV, Wellsville OH, East Palestine OH, Salem OH, Sebring OH, Beaver PA, Beaver Falls PA). The Museum of Ceramics is devoted to ware made right in this area, and our reference materials reflect this emphasis. We have little or no information on ware made elsewhere, in places such as the Zanesville area, Cincinnati, Cleveland or Trenton NJ, much less ware made beyond the United States.

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The Museum of Ceramics Foundation is pleased to announce that as of May 2015 we can welcome visitors to our new "ACCESS? ALL RIGHT!" addition, which contains an elevator to the street level and to all floors, and an accessible restroom, after thirty-three years of only partial access. We also have air conditioning in the entire building for the first time.