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East Liverpool Pottery District Manufacturers, Distributors, and Decorators

The following alphabetical list of firms provides insight into the extent of the pottery industry throughout East Liverpool's history.

Acme Artware Corp. (1941-ca. 1945)
Acme Craftware, Inc. (ca. 1945-1970)
Adamant Porcelain Co. (ca. 1909-ca. 1924)
Agner Foutts and Co. (1863-1883)
Agner and Gaston (1883-1884)
Alcock and Shields (1882)
American Ceramic Art Co. (1902)
American Chinaware Corp. (1929-1931)
American Decorating Co. (1923)
American Porcelain Co. (1914-1932)
American Vitrified Products Co. (ca. 1910-ca. 1968)
Anchor-Hocking, Inc. (1972-1982)
Anderson, Curry and Co. (1878)
Anderson Porcelain Co. (1903-1915)
Ardyth Arts (ca. 1945-ca. 1961)
Artistic China Co. (undetermined)
Babcock and Wilcox (ca. 1921-ca. 1930)
Baggott Brothers (1853-ca. 1897)
Ball and Morris (1846-1856)
Barnhart Pottery Co. (ca. 1955)
James H. Baum [decorator 1883-1884](1888-1896)
A. B. Beck (1879)
Belman Pottery Co. (undetermined)
Belmonte China (ca. 1952)
Bel-Mar (1950)
BelMar China Co. (1912)
Bel-Mar Pottery Co. (ca.1932-1935)
James Bennett (1839-1841)
Bennett Brothers (1841-1844)
Benty Brothers [Oakwood Art Pottery](1900-1906)
Bisc Novelty Manufacturing Co. (1917-1919)
A. C. Blair China Studios (1945-1960)
William Bloor (1860-1862)
John Boch (1907-ca. 1919)
Boch and Metsch Porcelain Co. (ca. 1919-undetermined)
Emanuel Booth (1873-1876)
Booth Brothers (1854-ca. 1865)
Boulton and Co. (1882-1883)
Brunt and Bloor (1848-1853)
Brunt, Bloor, Martin and Co.(1875-1882)
G. F. Brunt Porcelain Co. (ca. 1900-1914)
Henry Brunt and Son (undetermined)
Wm. Brunt and Bros. (1856-1859)
Wm. Brunt and Co. (ca. 1885)
Wm. Brunt Jr. and Co. (1860-1877)
Wm. Brunt Pottery Co. (1892-1911)
Wm. Brunt Sr. 1859 (undetermined)
Wm. Brunt Sr. and Son [Great Western] (ca. 1868-1874)
Wm. Brunt Son and Co. (1878-1892)
Bulger, Starkey and Co. (1877)
Bulger, Worcester and Co. (1877-1880)
Bullock and Anderson (1850)
Bullock and Garner (1847)
W. C. Bunting Co. (1947-present)
Burford Bros. Pottery Co. (1879-1904)
Burgess and Co. (1890-1893)
Burgess, Webster and Viney (1867-1869)
William Burton (undetermined)
Burton and Williams (ca. 1901)
George Buxton (1884-1891)
California Pottery Co. (1898)
Cameo China Co. (ca. 1949-ca. 1952)
Cardinal Stoneware Co., Inc. (ca. 1975)
Cartwright Bros. Company (1896-1927)
Cartwright Bros. Pottery Co. (1880-1896)
Ceramic Specialties Co. (ca. 1933-ca. 1944)
Chester China Co. (1920)
Chic Pottery Co. (1937-1945)
China and Vitreous Products Corp. (undetermined)
William Colclough (ca. 1850/1879-1881)
The Colonial Co. (1903-1929)
Columbia China Co. (1910)
Continental Kilns (1944-ca. 1953)
Albert Corns (ca.1898)
Corns China Co. (1928-1932)
Craven Art Pottery Co. (1905-ca. 1910)
F. R. Cross and Co. (1884)
Croxall and Cartwright (1856-1888)
Croxall Brothers (1844-1852)
J. W. Croxall and Sons (1888-1898)
Croxall Pottery Co. (1898-1914)
Curby, Starkey and Co. (1875)
Davidson - Stevenson Porcelain Co. (1914-1932)
Joseph Dennis (1875-1886)
Dennis and Outrim (1879-1880)
Douds and Barnes (ca. 1851)
Douds and Foutts (ca. 1872)
Douds and Moore (1866)
Douds and Sebring (1857-1860)
Douds and Welch (1869)
Dovey, Webster and Co. (1848)
Dresden Pottery Co. (1925-1927)
East End China Co. (1908-1909)
East End Pottery Co. (1894-1901/1903-1907)
East Liverpool Art China (1898-ca. 1908)
East Liverpool China Co. (1947-present)
East Liverpool China and Enamel Co. (ca. 1910)
East Liverpool Crockery Co. (ca. 1911)
East Liverpool Electric Porcelain Co. (1903-ca. 1918)
East Liverpool Encaustic Tile Co. (1878)
East Liverpool Pottery Co. (1894-1901)
East Liverpool Potteries Co. (1901-1907[1933])
East Liverpool Railway Co.
East Liverpool Sanitary Manufacturing Co. (1913-undetermined)
N. J. Eisenhuth Novelty Works (1903)
The Empire Company (ca. 1850)
Enterprise Art China Company (1896-undetermined)
Etruria Works, East Liverpool (name given to Harker operations on River Road, East Liverpool, relating to Benjamin Harker, Sr., and Harker, Taylor and Co., and Geo. S. Harker and Co., ca. 1840-1877)
Etruria Pottery Works (same as above)
Hermann Feustal (ca. 1900)
Flentke, Harrison and Co. (1877-1884)
William Flentke (1882-1886)
Flentke, Worchester and Co. (1874-1877)
Foster and Garner (ca. 1856-1859)
Foster and Rigby (ca. 1866-1868)
Foster and Rowley (1860-ca. 1866)
Fowler and O'Connor (1871-1872)
E. Fox and Co. (1880)
Frederick, Shenkle, Allen and Co. (1881-1888)
French China Co. (1898-1929)
French - Saxon China Co. (1935-1964)
Fritz, McClure and Co. (1869)
Gamble and Surles (ca. 1878)
General Porcelain Co. (ca. 1912-ca. 1916)
George Garner (ca. 1846)
Ephraim Gaston (1881)
Globe Pottery Co. (1888-1901/1907-1912)
Godwin and Flentke (1878-1882)
John Goodwin (1843-1853/1863-1865)
John Goodwin and Sons (1872-1875)
Goodwin Brothers Pottery Company (1875-1893)
Goodwin Pottery Co. (1893-1913)
Goodwin Pottery Co. ([different] 1936-1940)
Gotham and Locke and Co. (1903)
Thomas Haden (1874-1888)
Hayden and Lycett (1879)
Hall China Co. (1903-present)
Benjamin Harker (1840-1846)
Harker, Taylor and Co. (1846-1851)
Geo. S. Harker and Co. (1854-1890)
Harker Pottery Co. (1890-1972)
Harker and Smith (1853-1855)
Benjamin Harker and Sons [Wedgewood](1877-1881)
Harker, Thompson and Co. (1851-1854)
Richard Harrison and Co. (ca. 1853)
Harvey, Green and Co. (1851-1853)
Henderson Pottery (ca. 1849-ca. 1854)
William Higginson (ca. 1897)
Hill, Brunt and Co. (1867-ca. 1869)
Hilton China Co. (ca. 1915)
Horton Specialty Co. (ca. 1932-1938)
Hoyt China Co. (1919-undetermined)
Hoyt Brothers China Co. (1919)
George F. Humrickhouse (1877-ca. 1883)
Humrickhouse and Gallagher (1881)
Jackson Bros. (1868-1870)
Johnson China Co. (1931-1937)
Jones Pottery (1867-1880)
Kass China Co. (ca. 1935-1972)
Kenilworth Tile Co. (1921)
Keramos Pottery Co. (ca. 1921)
Keystone China Co. (ca. 1946-1954)
Edwin M. Knowles China Co. (1900-1963)
Knowles and Harvey (1854-ca. 1865)
Isaac Knowles (ca. 1865-1870)
Knowles, Taylor and Knowles (1870-1929)
Lamond and Jones (1870)
Larkin Bros. (ca. 1848-1861)
Larkins, Newell and Co. (1853)
Laughlin Bros. (1873-1877)
Homer Laughlin (1877-1896)
Homer Laughlin China Co. (1896-present)
Less Work Manufacturing Co. (1914)
The Limoges China Co. (1900-1949)
The American Limoges China Co. (1949-1955)
Louthan Manufacturing Co. (1901-present)
Manley and Cartwright (1864-1880)
Manley, Surles and Gamble (1881)
Manton and Albright (ca. 1892)
A. J. Marks and Co. (1866-1871)
Mayer and Geon (1865)
Mayer, Ross and McDevitt (1864)
William McCullough (undetermined)
McDevitt, Cochran and Co. (1868-1870)
McDevitt, Moore and Curby (1872-1874)
McDevitt and Moore (1874-ca. 1900)
McDonald Decorating Shop (ca. 1945)
McGillvray and Moore (1855-1857)
McGillvray and Orr (1855)
McNicol, Burton and Co. (1869-1892)
D. E. McNicol Pottery Co. (1892-1954)
T. A. McNicol Pottery Co. (ca. 1913-1929)
McNicol-Smith Co. (1889-1911)
McNicol-Corns China Co. (1912-1928)
McQuillkan and Curry Porcelain Co. (ca. 1905)
Meric Art Studios (ca. 1931-1939)
Metsch Refractories Co. (1922-present)
Miles and McClain (1888)
Miles Porcelain Co. (1923)
T. V. Milligan Porcelain Co. (1915-1929)
Monarch Dinnerware Co. (1937-1972)
George Monroe and Co. (1880)
Morley and Company (1878-1884)
George Morley and Son (1884-1891)
Morley, Godwin and Co. (1874-1878)
Morley, Godwin and Flentke (1855-1874)
Mountford and Co. (1891-1897)
George C. Murphy Pottery Co. (1897-1901/1903-1904)
National China Co. (1899-1911)
Nentwick and Larkin (ca. 1886)
Newell, Larkins and Co. (1848-ca.1852)
Novelty Clay Forming Co. (ca. 1907-ca. 1918)
Oakwood China Co. (1912-ca. 1921)
Oakwood Pottery Co. (1900)
Edward O'Connor (ca. 1885-ca. 1894)
Ohio Brass Co. (ca. 1966-present)
Ohio Porcelain Co. (ca. 1908)
Oliver China Co. (1899-ca. 1908)
Olnhausen China Co. (1902)
Owen-Wilson Porcelain Co. (1927)
Pan-American Electric Porcelain Co. (1901)
John Patterson and Sons Pottery Co. (1882-1900)
Patterson Bros. Co. (1900-1907)
Patterson Refractories Co. (ca. 1930-1934)
Patterson, Russell and Co. (1882)
Peach Porcelain Co. (1931)
The Pearl China and Pottery Co. (1931-present)
J. R. Phillip (1853)
R. G. Phillips (1852)
Pines Pottery Co. (ca. 1939-1953)
Pioneer Pottery Co. [Wellsville](1896-ca. 1900)
Pioneer Pottery Co. (1935-present)
Pittsburgh Tile Manufacturing Co. (1912-ca. 1922)
Porcelain Manufacturing Co. (1928)
Potter's Co-operative Co. (1882-1925)
Purinton Pottery Co. (1937-1942)
Reston Art Ware Co. (1928-ca. 1933)
T. Rigby and Co. (1868-1872)
0. Ritter (1853)
Royal China Co. (1933-present)
Salt and Mear (1842-ca. 1852/1856-ca. 1860)
Sants and Barlow (1878)
Saxon China Co. (1911-1929)
Henry Schmidt (1901)
Ralph Scragg (ca. 1879-ca. 1887)
Scores China Co. (ca. 1907)
Sebring Pottery Co. (1887-ca. 1940)
E. H. Sebring China Co. (1908-1929)
Sevres China Co. (1900-1908)
Shields and Wilson (1882)
Simms and Ferguson (1872)
Simms and Starkey (1866-1868)
N. M. Simms and Co. (1868-1874)
Sinclair Art Pottery (1903-ca. 1905)
Smith, Foster and Co. (1857)
Smith-Phillips China Co. (1901-1929)
Smith, Plunkett and McClure (1881)
Specialty Porcelain Co. (ca. 1910-1949)
Sprucevale Pottery (ca. 1852-1859)
Standard Porcelain Co. (1923)
The Standard Pottery Co. (1886-1927)
Starkey and Ourby (ca. 1870-1872)
John F. Steele (1878-1891)
Sterling China Co. (1900-ca. 1902)
Sterling China Co. [Wellsville, Ohio](1917-circa 2006)
Taylor, Lee and Smith (1899-1901)
Taylor, Smith and Taylor (1901-1972)
R. Thomas and Sons (1873-1957)
Thomas China Co. (1900-1905)
C. C. Thompson and Co. (1870-1889)

C. C. Thompson Pottery Co. (1889-1938)
Thompson and Herbert (1868-1870)
Trenle Blake China Co. (ca. 1942-1966)
Trenle China Co. (1909-ca. 1942)
Trenle Porcelain Co. (1923)
Trentvale Pottery (ca. 1901)
Union Cooperative Pottery Co. (1894-1900)
Union Potteries Co. (1900-1905)
United China Co. (ca. 1921)
United States Decorating Co. (1922)
United States Pottery Co. (1898-1901 [1932])
Usona Art Pottery (ca. 1932-ca.1952)
A. Viney and Co. (1870)
Viney, Thompson and Co. (ca. 1868-1869)
Viney, Webster and Co. (1869-1872)
Vitreous Novelty Works (1901)
Vodrey Brothers (1857-ca. 1864)
Vodrey and Brother Pottery Co.(ca. 1864-1896)
Vodrey Pottery Co. (1896-1928)
Wallace Brothers (1856-ca. 1861)
Wallace and Chetwynd (1882-1901)
Wally Brothers [and Co.](1853)
Warner-Keffer China Co. (1908-1912)
A. Webster and Co. (1857-ca. 1864)
Elijah Webster (1858-ca. 1861)
Webster, Campbell and Co. (1881-1888)
Webster and Phillips (ca. 1848-1850)
Joseph Wells (ca. 1826-ca.1856)
Wellsville China Co. (1902-1959)
Wellsville Novelty Pottery Co. (undetermined)
West End Pottery Co. (1893-1938)
West, Hardwick and Co. (1867-1883)
White Brothers China (20th Century)
Henry Willot and Co. (1870-1872)
Woodward and Vodrey (1847-1848)
Woodward, Vodrey and Booth (1848)
Woodward, Blakely and Co. (1848-1857)
Worchester, Bulger and Son (1872-1884)
Worcester and Co. (1880-1882)
World Pottery and China Co. (ca. 1921-ca. 1934)
John Wyllie and Son (1874-1893)

This list was compiled primarily by William C. Gates, Jr. He was the original director of the Museum of Ceramics, and is the author of two books: The City of Hills and Kilns: Life and Work in East Liverpool, Ohio and, with Dana E. Ormerod, The East Liverpool, Ohio Pottery District: Identification of Manufacturers and Marks. The list has been updated from time to time by Sarah W. Vodrey, Director, Museum of Ceramics.

Copyright © 2002-2013. All Rights Reserved.
Photographs copyright Catherine S. Vodrey (www.WordBanquet.com).

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