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East Liverpool Historical Society - This web site presents historical information about the city of East Liverpool, Ohio, its potteries, and its people.

American Art Pottery Association - The American Art Pottery Association is devoted to promoting "interest, understanding, appreciation and recognition of American Art Pottery".

American Ceramics Society - Promotes knowledge and understanding of ceramics and the ceramic industry.

American Ceramic Society Bulletin - An Internet news bulletin published by the American Ceramics Society.

Blue and White Pottery Club - The Blue and White Pottery Club aims to "share information, encourage learning, and foster an appreciation of the distinct history, wide variety, and increasing collectability of Blue & White Stoneware pottery".

Carnegie Library - The Carnegie Library is one of East Liverpool's notable buildings, both architecturally, and for the collection it houses. During his youth, Andrew Carnegie visited his uncle in East Liverpool. In addition to its many other resources, the library has many decades of East Liverpool newspapers on microfilm. Visitors enjoy paintings by 20th century artist Hans Hacker, as well as the ceramic tile floor featuring the seal of the State of Ohio and a large medallion.

Ceramic Industry - Industrial, professional and technological news from within the ceramics industry.

Cowan Pottery Studio - R. Guy Cowan founded The Cowan Pottery Studio in Lakewood, Ohio, near Cleveland, and helped launch the careers of others such as Viktor Schreckengost. Cowan, born in East Liverpool in 1884, came from a family of potters.

East Liverpool High School Alumni Association - Believed to be the largest public high school alumni association in the world, this group sponsors an important pottery auction in East Liverpool every June. The complete proceeds of the auction go to the organization's scholarship fund for deserving ELHS graduates.

East Liverpool, Ohio - Justly famed as the Pottery Capitol of the Nation.

East Liverpool Tourism Bureau - Comprehensive website for your tourism questions about East Liverpool, Ohio.

Everson Museum of Art - The Everson Museum of Art, is in Syracuse, New York. They have roughly 11,000 pieces of art of all types including a significant collection of ceramics.

Gladstone Pottery Museum - The Gladstone Pottery Museum and The Potteries Art Museum are both in Stoke-on-Trent, the ancestral city of most of East Liverpool's earliest potters.

Hall China - The producers of sought-after teapots and many other ceramic products.

Hall China Collectors Association - Hall China ceramics and the concerns and interests of Hall China collectors.

Homer Laughlin China - The producers of Fiesta Ware and many other ceramic products.

Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association - Homer Laughlin ceramics and the concerns and interests of Homer Laughlin collectors.

Lenox China

Lou Holtz Museum - Features extensive memorabilia from the career of noted East Liverpudlian Lou Holtz, who went on to coach football at Notre Dame and the University of South Carolina, among other schools. Other Upper Ohio Valley dignitaries are also featured.

Mason Color - An East Liverpool company, and one of the world's oldest and most respected manufacturers of ceramic stains.

Museum of Medieval and Encaustic Tile - See the Museum of Medieval and Encaustic Tile for many examples of ceramic tiles.

National Ceramic Museum & Heritage Center - The National Ceramic Museum & Heritage Center in south central Ohio is devoted to the ware produced in the area of Zanesville, Crooksville, and Roseville.

National Road/Zane Gray Museum - The National Road/Zane Gray Museum is an Ohio Historical Society site of interest to ceramics collectors and aficionados. In addition to their transportation and Zane Gray displays, this museum also has a lovely collection of the Ohio Art pottery produced around Zanesville, Ohio.

National Shaving Mug Collectors Association - Visitors wishing to learn more about shaving mugs and barbershop supplies will enjoy a visit to the National Shaving Mug Collectors Association (NSMCA). The Museum of Ceramics features 48 shaving mugs, including that of 19th century composer and philanthropist Will Thompson.

Ohio Historical Society - Dating to 1885, the OHS has always sought to collect, preserve and interpret items and records related to the history of the state. It is thanks to the Ohio Historical Society that the Museum of Ceramics has been open since 1980. The Museum is one of over sixty sites of the OHS, all of which may be visited online.

Ohio River Pottery - This site provides basic information on American dinnerware makers, shapes, backstamps and patterns, concentrating on potteries from the Upper Ohio River Valley.

Ohio Valley China Collectors - Information on the Ohio Valley China Collectors Convention (formerly the East Liverpool Pottery Collectors Convention), held in East Liverpool since 1992.

Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art - The Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art focuses on the life and work of the self-described "Mad Potter of Biloxi" George Ohr.

Pickard China

Potteries of Trenton Society - The Potteries of Trenton Society is "dedicated to the study and preservation of Trenton's ceramic past".

Pottery History of East Liverpool - An overview of the East Liverpool pottery industry through the years.

Ross C. Purdy Museum of Ceramics - Traditional and high-tech ceramics from the last 150 years.

Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art - The Schein-Joseph International Museum of Ceramic Art in Alfred, New York, houses 8,000 ceramics items. It is a teaching and research facility connected with the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

Stoke-on-Trent, East Liverpool's "Sister City" - East Liverpool's English "Sister City" and the ancestral home of many of East Liverpool's early potters.

Trenton City Museum - The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion in Trenton New Jersey "houses a fine collection of art and artifacts related to Trenton's historical and cultural past and present". Trenton, New Jersey and East Liverpool share some common threads of history. Each city has been known as "The Staffordshire of America" and the nation's "Pottery Capital." Pottery production in both cities flourished in part because of abundant local clay, the ease of river and eventually railroad transportation. Both cities benefited from their proximity to much larger population centers. The peripatetic English potter William Bloor moved back and forth between the two cities with astounding frequency. He and other East Liverpudlian potters are credited with founding the nascent whiteware industry in both cities. He was living in East Liverpool at the time of his death. Prized examples of Bloor's American Parian Ware are on display in both The Museum of Ceramics and The Trenton City Museum. By the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Trenton eventually rivaled East Liverpool in pottery production. The two areas are still important American pottery centers.

Viktor Schreckengost - Three Schreckengost brothers of Sebring, Ohio (which itself was founded by five potter brothers from East Liverpool) went on to distinguish themselves in the field of ceramics design, as well as a variety of other types of design. It is estimated that the designs of Viktor Schreckengost still touch the lives of practically every adult American. Don Schreckengost was another award winning designer with close connections to East Liverpool through his work at Homer Laughlin and also Hall China. Paul Schreckengost too was a ceramics designer.

White Ironstone China Association - The White Ironstone China Association aims to "add to the study, history and pleasure of collecting white ironstone china".

W. C. Bunting - (1880 to the present) is an East Liverpool company specializing in decoration of ceramic and glass items, using silkscreened decals and digital imprints.

The distinctive marks featured on this page are just a fraction of the backstamps employed by the hundreds of potteries which operated in and around East Liverpool over the years.

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