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The Museum of Ceramics contains thousands of examples of pottery created in and around East Liverpool, Ohio.  During the 19th and 20th centuries, East Liverpool was known as the Pottery Capital of the USA.
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Timeline of History

1834:   East Liverpool incorporated

1839:   English potter James Bennett establishes first commercial pottery in East Liverpool, using local clay to produce yellow ware and Rockingham

1840:   the first of the Harker potteries is established, which would continue to exist until 1972

1840s:   influx of immigrants from Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent, England, to work in the potteries in East Liverpool

1847:   Jabez Vodrey moves to East Liverpool

1870s:   easy access to superior clay allows whiteware to become the main product of the East Liverpool potteries

1870:   Knowles Taylor Knowles pottery is created

1870:   population of East Liverpool is 2,000

1871:   Homer Laughlin China Company is formed in East Liverpool by Homer and Shakespeare Laughlin

1880s:   KT&K, with 29 kilns, is the largest pottery in the USA

1892:   KT&K introduces Lotus Ware, the finest porcelain ever produced in the USA. Production ended in 1896

1893:   Lotus Ware wins multiple awards at the World's Fair in Chicago

1900:   East Liverpool is known as "America's Crockery City" and more than 90% of wage earners in the area are involved in the pottery industry

1903:   Hall China Company is formed

1907:   Homer Laughlin moves across the Ohio River to Newell, WV

1909:   East Liverpool Post Office is built, later to become the Museum of Ceramics

1910:   population of East Liverpool is 20,000

1910:   Tariffs removed on foreign imported pottery, marks the beginning of the decline of East Liverpool pottery industry

1929:   Great Depression forces the closure of dozens of potteries

1929:   KT&K closes

1970s:   William H. Vodrey III spearheads plan of creating a museum in East Liverpool devoted to the history of the ceramics industry

1976:   The old post office, soon to be Museum of Ceramics, is placed on the National Register of Historic Places

1980:   The Museum of Ceramics is open to the public

2000:   population of East Liverpool is 13,089

2008:   Ohio Historical Society cuts funding for the Museum of Ceramics by 93%, and the Museum of Ceramics Foundation takes over management of the museum

2009:   Museum celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the construction of our building

2010:   Hall China Co. merges with Homer Laughlin China Co.

2010:   30th Anniversary of the founding of the Museum of Ceramics!!!

2013-2015:   Major renovation of Museum under "Access? All Right!" project

2015:   35th Anniversary of the founding of the Museum of Ceramics!!!
Museum Hours
Tues - Fri 9:30am to 3:30pm
Sat 9:30am -Noon
Closed Sunday & Monday
Adults $6 and Students/Children $3

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In 2008, the Museum of Ceramics lost almost all of its funding from the Ohio Historical Society. The Museum of Ceramics Foundation was immediately created to keep the museum open. Please consider making a donation today to enable the Museum of Ceramics to continue its work.

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The Museum of Ceramics Foundation is pleased to announce our new "ACCESS? ALL RIGHT!" addition, completed in May 2015, which contains an elevator to the street level and to all floors and an accessible restroom, after thirty-three years of only limited access to the museum. We also have air conditioning in the entire building for the first time.

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